About us

The Lithuanian Association of Resorts (hereinafter referred to as the “Association” or as the “LAR”) is a non-profit organization engaged in dealing with general problems of its members – municipalities, towns and other residential areas that were granted the status of resort or recreational area (hereinafter referred to as “resorts”); the LAR represents general interests of its members when dealing with the state authorities and governmental institutions, foreign resorts and other international organizations, participates in the formation of the strategy of its members, coordinates their targeted activities in wellness tourism, spa treatment, wellness via natural resources, resort and spa science, spa services and other areas, and promotes and defends other interests of members of the Association.


The Association started its activities on 2 March 2007 and at present unites the resorts of Birštonas, Druskininkai, Neringa and Palanga and the resort areas of Anykščiai, Ignalina, Trakai, Zarasai and Kaunas district. 


To coordinate the activities of members of the Association, to represent the interests of members of the Association and to defend them in implementing objectives and tasks of the Association.


To unite Lithuanian tourist resorts and resort areas and to represent their interests through the promotion of spa / health resort treatment, wellness through natural resources, wellness tourism and implementation of other goals of the Association.


To be the most influential organization representing Lithuanian resorts and resort areas, bringing together members for an active, purposeful and fruitful cooperation, representing their interests and making a major impact on the development of spa treatment, natural resources, health tourism and recreation in Lithuania.

  • To represent and defend general interests of its members in government authorities and other organizations acting in the resorts sector, in the tourism sector, in the organizations of the European Union and other foreign resorts and other international organizations;
  • To cooperate with Lithuanian and foreign partners and to participate in the preparation and implementation of international programs / projects in the scientific, legal, professional, economic, social, sports and cultural spheres, and to provide the opportunity to use all natural resources to protect and improve health of the population;
  • To develop and expand the activities of resorts and balneology of the Republic of Lithuania, to increase the attractiveness of Lithuanian resorts culture and natural values for Lithuanian residents, local and foreign tourists, to promote the application and use of natural resources for recreation and health improvement purposes.

Key objectives

In implementation of its activities, the Lithuanian Association of Resorts is guided by the objectives laid down in the objectives laid down in the Articles of Association of the Association.

Structure of the Association

  • President of the Association – Šarūnas Vaitkus (Mayor of Palanga Town Municipality);
  • Vice-president of the Association – Laimutis Ragaišis (Mayor of Ignalina District Municipality);
  • Presidium of the Association:
    Šarūnas Vaitkus (Mayor of Palanga Town Municipality); Andrius Šatevičius (Mayor of Trakai District Municipality),
    Nijolė Dirginčienė (Mayor of Birštonas Municipality),
    Ričardas Malinauskas (Mayor of Druskininkai Municipality),
    Darius Jasaitis (Mayor of Neringa Municipality),
    Kęstutis Tubis (Mayor of Anykščiai District Municipality),
    Valerijus Makūnas (Mayor of Kaunas District Municipality),
    Laimutis Ragaišis (Mayor of Ignalina District Municipality),
    Nijolė Guobienė (Mayor of Zarasai District Municipality).
  • Executive Director of the Association – Kristina Citvarienė
  • Financial Officer of the Association – Rima Vičienė