Trakai, which one the most visited towns of Eastern Europe, leaves you fascinated by the old wooden architecture and the amazing landscape. The town of Trakai, that is located on a peninsula and the island’s castle, that is surrounded by lakes on all sides, it is for unique defense capacities. were an important military and political center and the residence of the Grand Dukes.

Trakai is also renowned for its healing powers, which are a special gift of nature, and it is also renowned for the vast quantities and the rich choice of cultural events and entertainment. Most of the resources suitable for tourism and recreation in Trakai consist of natural elements, some of them are of anthropogenic origins, and some others are anthropogenised landscape elements – ponds, parks and their combinations: decorative trees and bushes, water bodies, various aesthetically valuable landscape complexes, which are formed by landscape components of different degree of expressivity. Music, art, love for nature in Trakai is a common language that everyone can understand.

The beautiful towers of the castle, reflected in the calm water of Lake Galvė, date back to the 15th century, when the State of Lithuania was at the peak of its power and influence and the Lithuanian territory stretched to the very Black Sea. There are two castles in the town of Trakai: The Castle of the Island and the Castle of the Peninsula. The Island Castle was one of the strongest defense fortresses and one of the most important representative places. The Island Castle has witnessed in its day visits of high dignitaries: medieval ambassadors, princes, and the King Jogaila himself. Come to Trakai and see with your own eyes what the kings of today have enjoyed: Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, King Carl Gustav XVI of Sweden and Queen Silvia, the state leaders of Greece, Iceland, China and other countries.

When in Užutrakis, make sure to visit a palace built in the style of Historicism. After more than a hundred years, the Užutrakis Manor and the Park is once again living its golden age! The Užutrakis Manor Ensemble was established back in 1897-1902 on the initiative of Count Józef Tyszkiewicz and his wife Duchess Jadwiga. The French landscape architect E.F. André has designed an English-style park with more than 20 ponds and numerous flower beds. Currently, the park is in the process of authentic restoration.

Trakai is surrounded by as many as 5 large lakes. Enjoy the clean beaches and the wonderful panorama of Trakai from the deck of a pleasure boat or a yacht, have some exercise rowing a boat or riding a water bike. In summer, in the Historical Museum in Trakai Castle, take part in medieval crafts festivals, watch knights’ tournaments, be fascinated by medieval dancers and fakirs’ tricks with fire.