Palanga’s scenery, the unspoiled sea of ​​different colors, the perfect park and the aromatic pine forest will give you positive emotions, raise your mood and distract you from everyday worries. Palanga’s natural healing factors are different from those in other Lithuanian resorts. The climate of this resort is a maritime climate, with no significant temperature fluctuations, with warm summers and with rather mild winters. The constant movement of air masses between the land and the sea creates natural seaside ventilation, which we do not notice in the terrestrial climate. Palanga’s air is not only cleaner but also has more ozone, ionized and vegetation phytoncide particles. From the sea, the wind with small drops of water brings to the beach particles of chlorine, iodine and other salts, so breathing in the seaside air we kind of use natural inhalation treatment.

Dunes and pine forests form a natural refuge where, on colder and windy days, holidaymakers find comfortable air and sun exposure spots. On hot days, one can find refuge from the scorching sun under the fragrant pine trees.

Swimming in the sea has a positive effect on the human body, as all the natural factors (the sun, the air and the water) are involved in it in a complex way, in combination with active movements and the mechanical and chemical impact of the water masses. The effects of climatic factors on the human body are highly beneficial: the improvement of metabolism, of the functioning of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, the strengthening of the nervous and muscular systems.

The variety of climatic conditions in the resort of Palanga is very significant, as it is possible to choose the climatic stimuli of such intensity (sun, radiation, wind, etc.) that correspond to the degree of fitness and acclimatization of the patients and the holidaymakers.

Palanga is also a balneotherapy resort. For treatment, other than the sea water, Palanga offers mineral water, peat healing mud and other physical healing resources. Palanga sanatoriums and rehabilitation centers are open all year round. Here, depending on your health, situation you will be offered physiotherapy, kinesitherapy, psychotherapy, mechanotherapy, reflexotherapy, halotherapy treatments, therapeutic massage, therapeutic baths and showers, healing mud and other treatments.

Palanga offers successful treatments for various functional disorders of the central nervous and cardiovascular systems, neurosis and obesity. The resort of Palanga is especially suitable for patients recovering after various infectious diseases, operations, heart muscle damage caused by overwork or metabolic disorders. During the hottest season of the year, Palanga can offer treatment for patients who suffer from rheumatic and other diseases of the joints or who suffer from radiculitis.

It has been found that the most favorable results are obtained by treating in normal climatic conditions. Therefore, Palanga can be more beneficial for residents of the medium climate zone than the scorching hot southern resorts.