The three little towns located on the Nemunas River, Kačerginė, Kulautuva and Zapyškis, that together make up a resort area of Kaunas District, were already famous in the inter-war period for the pristine beauty of nature and the curative powers of the health resources they can offer. Today it is an exceptional tranquility, silence and cosiness oasis inviting you to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and take time out to relax.

Rich history

Great interest in Kulautuva dates back to 1929, when the first sanatorium “Poilsis” was opened. In 1933 the towns of Kulautuva and Kačerginė were granted the status of resorts, which marked their golden age.

Kulautuva has long been known for its wonderful pine forests, green parks, and the 1.5 km of clean sandy beach. On summer weekends, in terms of the number of holidaymakers, which reached 5 thousand, Kulautuva was only outnumbered by the Baltic seaside resort Palanga. Among the holidaymakers who came to Kulautuva in these times was the Lithuanian elite, guests from Western Europe, America, Argentina and other countries. The hotel with a restaurant, with gaming rooms, tennis courts, playgrounds and fountains established by the businessman R. Polovinsky back in 1935 was the most modern in the Baltic States at that time.

In the inter-war period, Kačerginė was an exceptionally popular vacation destination for Lithuanian intellectuals. At that time, holiday homes in Kačerginė were built by the writer P. Mašiotas, the sculptor J. Zikaras, the architect V. Landsbergis-Žemkalnis, the writers J. Biliūnas, V. Mykolaitis-Putinas, and the composer J. Naujalis. Kačerginė is famous for its wooden architecture up to this very day.

The most fascinating landmark of the town of Zapyškis is St. John the Baptist’s Church located in an open meadow on the bank of the Nemunas River and dating from the 16th century. It is one of the oldest churches in Lithuania is an exceptional masterpiece of Gothic architecture.

Enchanting nature

The resort area is proud of its natural treasures – of the pine forests that cover about half of the resort territory, of its clean air, of the curves of the Nemunas River and its mounds that are silent witnesses of thousands of years of our history.

Lovers of nature walks can explore the cognitive and wellness trails located in the resort area: the Kulautuva Health Trail (2.6–6 km), the Springs Trail in Kačerginė (2.6–6 km), the Bio Trail in Jadagonys (5–40 km).

The Nemunas River, which runs through the resort area, is best seen from the legendary Jadagonys, Altoniškės and Pypliai Mounds.

The curative oasis

The microclimate of the little towns surrounded by forests is particularly beneficial for human health. The fresh air of pine trees relaxes and helps you overcome fatigue, stress and regain strength. A stroll along forest paths is a great remedy that helps you forget your everyday worries and it is highly effective in any season of the year, even in the winter season.

Kulautuva extracts mineral water from the entrails of Earth, which is rich in biologically active trace elements. When you visit Kačerginė, you can enjoy a glass of water from this spring that is believed to have magical powers. The legend has it, that once you rinse your face with this water it makes you look five years younger.

Kulautuva has Kaunas Clinics Kulautuva Rehabilitation Hospital. It is one of the most modern centers in Lithuania accredited to provide inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services. This hospital has implemented the most modern medical technologies and uses them for treatment of patients with the help of the top-quality medical staff, which allows patients to regain the vigor and vitality lost due to acute circulatory and nervous system diseases.

Impressive events

The resort area attracts domestic tourists and foreign guests by arranging exclusive signature events. Every spring Zapyškis holds international Dog Sled Races, where you can see not only the usual dog breeds, but also get to know the fastest dogs specially bred for the Dog Sled Races sport.

Every May, a Kite Festival is held in the vicinity of Zapyškis St. John the Baptist’s Church, with hundreds of colorful kites flown into the sky. The Kite Festival held since 2006 is the festival “Kites for the Earth and for the Sky” is the biggest event of its kind in the country, which has earned for the town of Zapyškis the title of Lithuania’s Kite Capital.

Every summer, in July, for just one evening, the town of Kulautuva becomes Bards’ Capital. Since 2001, in a square all surrounded by a pine forest, Kulautuva, annually holds the Bard Festival “The Acacia Alley” that attracts thousands of people who long to hear live music, guitar sound and sincere performances.

Experience-rich leisure activities

You can explore the resort area and the surrounding areas if you undertake cycling trips by the bike lanes Kaunas–Marvelė–Kačerginė (15 km) or Kaunas–Raudondvaris–Šilelis–Kulautuva (30 km). All the towns are equipped with marinas and can also be accessed by pleasure boats.

You can enjoy some peaceful moments of rest and recover breath in the gazebos located in the vicinity of the marinas or in the “Apuokynė” and “Barsukynė” gazebos in Kačerginė.

The resort area arranges a number of excursions and educational activities inviting its guests to get acquainted with the history of the towns and the fate of the famous people who lived there.

Tourist attractions worth visiting

  • The Kulautuva Park (Akacijų av., Kulautuva)
  • The Valley of Gods and Goddesses (Pušyno st., Kulautuva)
  • The villa of the founder of the Kulautuva Resort, the Colonel V. Augustauskas (Akacijų av. 29, Kulautuva)
  • The Kulautuva Beach (Pamario st., Kulautuva)
  • The businessman’s R. Polovinskas’ villa (Poilsio st. 5, Kulautuva)
  • Šv. The Monument to Virgin Mary (Akacijų av. Kulautuva)
  • Kulautuvos Šv. The Bell Tower of Virgin Mary’s Church (Pušyno st. 21, Kulautuva)
  • The Lime Park (J. Janonio st. 4, Kačerginė)
  • The memorial house in which the writer P. Mašiotas resided and the Fairy Tale Sculpture Park (J. Janonio st. 38, Kačerginė)
  • The villa of the Lithuanian Armed Forces Brigadier General P. Vaiciuška (J. Janonio st. 46, Kačerginė)
  • The villa of the Engineer V. Rėklaitis (J. Janonio st. 86, Kačerginė)
  • The villa of the writer V. Mykolaitis-Putinas and the Sculptural Bench Park (V. Mykolaičio-Putino st. 34A, Kačerginė)
  • Kačerginė St. Ann’s Chapel (J. Janonio st. 11, Kačerginė)
  • Zapyškis St. John the Baptist’s Church (Muziejaus st. 1, Zapyškis)
  • Jadagonys Mound (Jadagonys Village, Zapyškis Eldership)
  • The Altoniškiai Mound (Altoniškiai Village, Zapyškis Eldership)