The Ignalina District in Eastern Lithuania has long been known for its fascinating landscapes – its lakes, woody areas, well-developed tourism infrastructure – all this is appreciated by both Lithuanian and foreign holidaymakers. Ignalina District has as many as 200 lakes, several dozen rivers and ponds. The name of Iganalina is explained by folk etymologists by the legend about the love of a young maiden, Lina, a daughter of the Lithuanian Duke Budrys, and a young man Ignas, who was a Crusader.

One third of the territory of the Ignalina District is covered by forests, a quarter of the territory is comprised of protected areas. The Ignalina District has a large part of the Aukštaitija National Park, as well as many of fourteen regional parks and various reserves. It is popular with visitors who like cognitive, leisure, sports tourism, bio-tourism and rural tourism. If one decides to make use to the full of the benefits that Ignalina District has to offer, one can not only relax and recover from the city noise, but also feel the spirit of a genuine rural life.

Here, inspiration will visit artists or nature lovers, and this region will fascinate botanists, fishermen and sports enthusiasts. If you want unforgettable impressions, you may go hiking, go on picnics and excursions by water and forest paths and rest in campings. The Ignalina Distrct has 11 museum expositions, in all there are over 200 places of interest.

Ignalina is also famous for its winter sports – the Lithuanian Winter Sports Centre that is located on the outskirts of the town of Ignalina trains athletes all year round, so many competitions take place here, and holidaymakers are welcomed with great hospitality here. The Ignalina Sports and Entertainment Centre offers not only sporting activities, but also quality spa services.