Druskininkai is a spa that is generously endowed with natural treasures, no wonder it has been highly appreciated for centuries for its natural and healing resources. It is the largest resort situated in the south of Lithuania, which combines forest calm with state-of-the-art spa treatments. The long years of experience in the spa sector, the refined and effective mineral water therapy, the mud and climate therapies, the top-quality procedures, the attractive tourism infrastructure and the price-quality ratio of the services of Druskininkai spa puts it on par with the best European spas. To recover your health, to regain your strength and to regenerate your soul and body you will be able through sanatorium and rehabilitation treatments, complex treatments including various procedures, spa treatments and the special climate of Druskininkai. All year round, Druskininkai offers opportunities to enjoy its natural resources, clean air, leisure activities and cultural events. The resort boasts a plethora of accommodation and leisure facilities, and the well-thought-out offer of entertainment and various activities has made it possible to overcome seasonality – Druskininkai can offer both winter and summer recreational activities. The resort has been on numerous occasions recognized and awarded for its modern development and for its community spirit.

If you come to Druskininkai once – to this attractive, unique and modern health resort, a pearl of nature with its unique elements of small architecture – you will certainly want to revisit it again and again.

Natural healing factors

Drinking mineral water

The water of Druskininkai mineral springs is saturated with chlorine, sodium, potassium, calcium ions, trace elements and organic substances that positively affect disturbed bodily functions. The drinking mineral water of Druskininkai helps treat digestive tract diseases, helps fight inflammations and improves metabolism. 

Curative mineral water used for therapeutic procedures

In Druskininkai, for therapeutic baths, therapists use mineral water of low, medium and high mineralization. These procedures help heal the nervous system, cardiovascular system, immune system, joints, spine and some skin diseases. After such a mineral bath, the salts will remain active for a long time, because they will crystallize on the skin forming a thin layer – a long-lasting “salt coat”.

Healing mud

The natural peat mud used in Druskininkai has many healing properties. Mud baths help the skin to release biologically active substances that affect all body systems. Extremely effective are the mud baths with mineral water – just 20 minutes spent in a warm mud bath saturates the skin and circulatory system with lots of highly beneficial trace elements.

Climate therapy

The mild climate of Druskininkai refreshes, heals, relaxes and strengthens. The most important form of climate therapy is being outdoors: the clean air baths, sleeping and relaxing outdoors, gymnastics exercises outdoors and various outdoor games.

Leisure entertainment

In Druskininkai you can only calmly relax but also engage in active leisure entertainment:

  • Druskininkai Aquapark is the largest and most modern complex of entertainment, recreation and health services in the entire Baltic Region. In its area of almost 31,000 sq. m you will find water sports inviting you to engage in vigorous activities, you will also find as many as 23 different saunas, an oriental spa, a nightclub and a bowling.
  • Druskininkai Central Spa offers natural healing mud and mineral water treatments and complex therapeutic procedures.
  • Druskininkai rope hoists are exclusive eco-friendly vehicles that allow you to view the resort from a bird’s-eye view and that take you from the town center to the other bank of the Nemunas River.
  • The Snow Arena is the only winter sports and entertainment complex in the Baltic States that operates all year round. There entertainment is offered by 2 closed downhill skiing and open-air trails, a ski school, a recreational cartodrome, snow bikes, roof-tops and snow tubing.
  • The Wolf Golf Course is an 18-hole Scottish-type golf course designed not only to demonstrate excellence but also to learn to play golf. The golf course training area has professional golf coaches who work there, and there operates Druskininkai Children’s Golf School.
  • The ONE Adventure Park – is a place where you can easily feel you have become Tarzan. The 9 routes equipped in the central part of Druskininkai, on the bank of the Nemunas River offer facilities for more than 130 events. One of the events is the “Tarzan’s flight over the Nemunas River,” a unique route of more than 400 meters in length, stretching over the largest river of Lithuania.
  • Sports services. Visitors of Druskininkai who love tennis and beach tennis, squash, bowling, billiards and other sports will find in this health resort comfortable infrastructure facilities and modern equipment to enjoy all these sports and games. For youth leisure Druskininkai can offer a modern extreme sports base: parkour and gym areas, BMX-bicycle, skateboarding, roller skating and scooter park at the Youth Employment Centre.
  • By cycling paths that run through the pine forests from the town center our guests that visit Druskininkai can also make short excursions to the ethnographic village of Švendubrė that is located in the vicinity of the legendary Raigardas Valley, the Open-air Museum Grūtas Park where the Soviet-era statues are amassed, the A. Česnulis Sculpture and Recreation Park and other places of interest. Some parts of the “Sun Trail” are suitable for walks and for Nordic walking.
  • Aqua entertainment. Tourists can also profit from sailing along the Nemunas River by tourist boats from which they can admire the picturesque banks of the Nemunas River, the Island of Love, and even reach the Liškiava Architectural Ensemble. While on a pleasure trip on a raft in the center of Lake Druskonis tourists can order dinner. And on the Alka Lake tourists can enjoy water board sport!
  • Druskininkai abounds in parks and well looked after public spaces that are very popular with local residents and guest of the resort: K. Dineika’s Wellness Park with revitalized ancient wellness traditions, the Vijūnėlė Park with its daffodil sea blooming every spring. In the Spa Park, a genuine delight to the guests of the resort is the dancing and playing Druskininkai Musical Fountain.
  • Throughout the summer the resort entertains its guests with excursions containing theatrical elements “The Mineral Town”, educational programs and tutorials of cheese production, smithery, beekeeping, salt sculpture and baking of the Tree Cake. M. K. Čiurlionis reproduction trail introduces the heritage of this artist. Families with children are entertained by a sightseeing tour by a little train.

Entertainment services to visitors are offered by a number of leisure, music and night clubs.

Druskininkai is always waiting for you!