Lithuania’s mineral water springs cure digestive tract diseases, normalize secretion and motor function of the stomach, improve liver function, bile secretion, regulate bowel function. Therapeutic mineral water baths use small, medium and high mineralization mineral water, the mineralization strength is determined by the amount of minerals per liter.

Drinking mineral water contains biologically active trace elements, so such water will help normalize acid release, fight inflammation and normalize metabolism. If mineral water is used for therapeutic purposes, it is necessary to heed medical advice, since the same mineral water, when taken 1 to 1.5 hours before meals, stops the secretion of gastric juices, and, by contrast, when taken with food or 10-15 minutes before meals – vice versa, it promotes secretion of gastric juices. Just have a sip of mineral water and experience its magical power!

Or maybe you would like to immerse your entire body in a mineral water bath? Mineral water baths will relax your muscles, improve the tone of your vein walls, open up your skin pores, help deepen your breathing, blood circulation and metabolism and improve oxygen uptake – you will easily get away from the nervous system diseases, cardiovascular system diseases, immune system diseases, joints, spine and some skin diseases. The extremely strong effects of mineral water bath are caused by the sodium chloride and other salts dissolved in water. When you get out of such a mineral water bath, the salts will remain active for a long time because they will crystallize on the skin forming a thin layer of a ‘salt coat’.

Experience the effect of the pearl baths too. The therapeutic effect of the pearl baths is similar to that of mineral water baths, but it is further enhanced by the effect of water mixed with water. The water of the pearl baths will stimulate your skin’s receptors, the air bubbles will gently massage you, will relax your muscles and will have a soothing effect. Pearl bath therapy will dispel fatigue, will help you get rid of stress and insomnia. You will experience the therapeutic effect of improvement of capillary blood circulation and a boost in metabolism and general recovery of your body functions caused by the improved absorption of oxygen.

If your joints ache and you have problems every time you bend your legs, don’t hesitate to take a vertical bath. Vertical baths are particularly effective in treating musculoskeletal, bone and joint diseases. During the procedures in the vertical baths the effect of mineral water will be complemented by a positive effect of kinesitherapy (treatment by exercises). When you feel partial weightlessness, your muscles will relax, and you will be able to perform the therapeutic exercises in a much easier way and even without feeling any pain. The therapeutic course of vertical baths will effectively strengthen your muscles and ligaments, increase the spinal mobility, free the movements and make the pain go away.

Do you know that: Lithuanian resorts operate more than 20 mineral water wells. The dominant mineral water composition is that of calcium sodium chloride. Some of Lithuania’s mineral waters contain significant amounts of sulphate, bromine and magnesium. Their mineralization ranges from 3 g / l to 115 g / l. This determines the ways of their use for treatment and their indications. Chlorine ions make up more than 80 eq./%, and the composition of cations is somewhat more varied: sodium, calcium and magnesium. The varieties of mineral water used for drinking purposes are mineral waters of low and medium mineralization. The mineralization of the calcium sodium chloride mineral water varieties used for external applications ranges from 10 to 40 g / l; and the optimal mineralization ranges between 20 – 40 g / l.