Do you know that: Popularity of treatment by mud baths goes back to the antique times? There exist several types of healing mud, and in Lithuania mainly peat mud is used, which has many healing properties.

Immerse in a black peat mud bath, don’t hesitate even if for you it will mean leaving your comfort zone, give it a try, it is highly worthwhile – peat mud bath procedures are extremely effective in treating diseases of the joints, spine, metabolism, peripheral and functional nervous systems. The social, friendly and service-minded staff of the SPA will offer you mud applications, special applications for gums, electric mud and mud wads. The healing mud will help your skin to release biologically active substances that affect all the systems in the body. The healing mud is also used for the treatment of the central nervous system diseases, genital diseases and digestive disorders.

If the black healing mud doesn’t seem appealing to you, try the white healing mud. It is sludge of freshwater lakes of organic origin, and it contains many organic, biologically active substances and trace elements. During the white mud application procedure, such healing mud will not only affect your skin but also all your tissues and organs. Such white healing mud procedures will improve your blood circulation and metabolism, will help your body extract harmful substances and body slags. White healing mud procedures will protect your skin from dryness and ageing and will have a moisturizing effect. After a few white healing mud baths, you will feel that your immune system has become stronger. If you are ill, the inflammatory processes in your body will slow down or stop altogether and your glands will become more active.

Especially effective are the therapeutic mud baths with mineral water – just 20 minutes spent in a warm mud bath will open the pores of the skin and help remove the body slag. Your skin and circulatory system will get plenty of useful mud trace elements and biologically active substances, which will improve your metabolism. Therapeutic mud baths have a pain-killing effect, stimulate healing processes, give a boost to metabolism, improve nutrition to damaged tissue. Therapeutic mud baths are an effective treatment for chronic inflammations, allergies digestive disorders, joints, muscles, and gynecological and urological diseases.