The mild climate of Lithuanian resorts has a refreshing, healing., relaxing and strengthening effect. The right combination of atmospheric pressure, air temperature and humidity, rainfall, wind direction and strength and solar radiation intensity is important for every living organism.

Climate therapy procedures train the body’s thermoregulatory function, stimulate metabolism and the functioning of many organs and physiological systems, increase the body’s immunobiological reactivity and normalize its neuroregulatory function.

The most important form of climate therapy is fresh air exposure or being outdoors: air baths, sleeping outdoors, outdoor recreation, gymnastics and outdoor sports. For best results, combine these procedures with sun baths and water procedures. Do you have issues with your cardiovascular system? Do you feel upset, tired and weak? The oxygen-saturated air in our country will help you restore the nervous system’s functional state and improve your mood. Breathing such air will help you sleep better, increase your liver function and normalize your body’s protein and fat metabolism.