Birštonas resort is guided by the unique Kneipp’s philosophy that combines the five natural health elements: herbal therapy and water therapy, balanced nutrition, movement and harmony. The Birštonas Resort blends the ideas based on Kneipp’s philosophy into a harmonious whole employing the objects and unique structures of the Birštonas Resort, where everyone can regain strength and restore his or her energy levels. Integrating tourism and spa treatment, Birštonas lures guests with its state-of-the-art healing facilities, the sanatoriums “Tulpė”, “Versmė”, “Eglė” and the “Royal Spa Residence” hotel and a host of other hotels and restaurants, it also offers active leisure facilities and memorable events.

The Birštonas Resort has won various awards not only for various tourism projects that were implemented, but also in 2015 Birštonas was awarded the prestigious Diploma of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly for promoting European ideas, publicizing them and active engagement in the development of international relations.

Birštonas is an ideal place for the development of natural body restoration methods. The resort invites guests to come to Birštonas and profit from the feeling the wholistic harmony: health, spiritual, emotional and inner.

Natural healing factors

Drinking mineral water

Birštonas sanatorium hospitals use medium mineralization bromine water for balneological procedures. Such water has a relaxing effect on muscles, increases the tone of vein walls, improves blood flow and metabolic processes. Up to this very day Birštonas still operates Lithuania’s oldest mineral water dispensing company.

Curative mineral water

In Birštonas sanatorium hospitals, for balneological procedures therapists use bromine water of medium mineralization. Such curative mineral water is conducive to the relaxation of muscles, increase of the tone of the vein walls, improvement of blood circulation and metabolic processes, deeper breathing, and improved oxygen intake. The mineral water also has a positive effect on the immune system, it is conducive to relieving pain and inflammation.

Mud therapy

In Birštonas guests can profit form treatment by curative peat mud. The most effective constituent of this unique peat mud is the colloidal fraction consisting of humus, bitumen, wax, cellulose and lignine. Curative mud procedures are used for chronic joint inflammations, deforming osteoarthrosis, chronic spondyloarthritis, Bechterev’s disease, osteochondrosis, spondyloarthrosis, muscle, tendon, bone injuries and other illnesses. Curative peat mud is used for mud application (wrapping), mud and mineral baths, dry mud bags for application and self-service mud (mud with clay) procedures. The mud used for the treatment is curative peat mud, which is heated to 46-48° C.

Climate therapy

The Nemunas River, surrounded by rich forests, has formed a spectacular landscape and unique environment for recreation of people. This quiet town, amply decorated with lush greenery and blooming flowers is well loved not only by the local people of Lithuania, but also by guests from other countries, by all who want to improve their health. It is precisely because of the curative composition of the mineral water and the special quality of the air, that is mild, saturated with phytoncides and light negative iones and has a curative effect on human organisms similar to that of a huge inhaler that Birštonas has long gained the fame of being one of the best Lithuanian health resorts. After just a few days spent in Birštonas, most visitors recover their spiritual balance, calm, good mood, and get rid of their nervousness, general weakness and fatigue.

Kneipp's Garden

“Water cures all your diseases, water does wonders, prevention is better than cure” – it is the unique health philosophy that in 19th century was created and developed by the Bavarian priest Sebastian Kneipp and which is followed by the Birštonas Health Resort. Hydrotherapy by Sebastian Kneipp strengthens the whole organism, trains both your body and soul, strengthens your immune system. The holistic health enhancement by Sebastian Kneipp is based on a 5-element system: water therapy, motion therapy, herbal therapy, harmony therapy and healthy nutrition. Following Kneipp’s recommendations, Birštonas has established “KNEIPP’S GARDEN” for cold water hydrotherapy procedures and for giving a boost to the immune system.

Mineral Water Evaporation Tower

It is the only Mineral Water Evaporation Tower in Lithuania, where you can enjoy extremely healthy “sea effect” air. Local residents of Birštonas and the visiting holidaymakers alike have the opportunity to experience the curative effects of the open-air inhalations, strengthen the health and train the bodies at a brand-new tourist object providing light therapy.

In the town’s central park that is located right in front of the Eglė Sanatorium, there is a mineral water evaporation tower with a mineral water fountain and a salt gallery. The mineral water flowing through the evaporator walls that is exposed to the sun and wind, evaporates naturally, so in the tower itself and within a radius of 50-80 meters around it you may breathe in the curative air with “sea-effect” that saturated with minerals that do a wealth of good to your health.

Such curative air, that is enriched with mineral water drops, has the same effect as the inhalation of sea air. To the evaporation tower mineral water is supplied from the “Rūta” mineral water well.

The air with “sea effect” emitted by a vaporizer makes for a harmonious synergy of the rehabilitation procedures performed at Birštonas sanatoriums and the Birštonas Spa natural factors, which will together add up to an enhanced overall effect of the treatment and restore the patients’ health and fitness more quickly. Inhalations of salt-saturated air are beneficial not merely for patients with various respiratory diseases, but they also have a positive effect on the skin – when exposed to mineral water your skin becomes smoother, more elastic and more radiant. In Birštonas your nerves will also be calmed down and your overall wellness will be improved by meditation when observing the running water.

What is worth seeing?

  • Mound of Birštonas (Vytautas Hill). Southeastern part of Vytautas park, Birštonas
  • B. Sruogos st. 3, 59541 Birštonas
  • The Kuhrhause. B. Sruogos st. 2, 59209 Birštonas
  • The Old Hospital. Birutės st. 31, 59541 Birštonas
  • Anthony of Padua Church. Birutės st. 14, 59217 Birštonas
  • Birštonas Museum. Vytauto st. 9, 59211 Birštonas
  • Birštonas Museum Religious Art. Birutės st. 10, 59217 Birštonas
  • The Nemunas Loop Regional Park Visitor Centre. Tylioji st. 1, 59206 Birštonas
  • Monument to Vytautas Magnus in Vytautas Park
  • Monument to Jonas Basanavičius. J. Basanavičiaus sq.
  • Monument to Balys Sruoga in Vytautas Park
  • The Songs Hill, Birutės st., next to St. Anthony of Padua Church.
  • Buvette next to the “Versmė” Sanatorium, B. Sruogos st. 6A, 59542 Birštonas
  • Vytautas Park
  • The embankment
  • Stained Glass “Lithuania”
  • Central Town Park
  • Monumental stone with historic dates
  • Monument to the Partisans (sculptor S. Dulksnys, 1992). J. Basanavičiaus sq.
  • Sculpture Trail in the resort’s Central Park
  • Škėvonys Exposure
  • Siponys Exposure
  • Conglomerate Rock “Goats’ Rock”
  • Paverkniai Mound. on the left bank of the Verknė, Medeikonių Village, Birštonas Municipality Jundeliškės Manor.
  • Apostles Peter and Paul’s Church. Nemajūnai, Birštonas Municipality
  • Memory Trail
  • Mineral Water Evaporation Tower. In the Town’s Central Park, in front of the “Eglė” Sanatorium (Algirdo g. 14)